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"Dear Scoot Industry, Thank You"

By Pierre Camoin - Photo by Shelby Grimnes

In this section about industry talents, designers, photographers, artists, riders, and more, as the founder of Scoot Trade, I first want to thank everyone with whom I've had the privilege to work with in the industry.

You are now all too numerous to mention but if you know that French accent of mine, those thanks go to you!

Special Thanks to Gregg Witt Immersive Marketing who got me in this market, Ryan Upchurch and Edge Brand Agency who developed all Scoot Trade Visuals (and filmed and edited “my” first video as District Team Manager), Hugo Falconnat for such a fun partnership on S1 Helmets content creation, “my” first District, and Eagle Teams, which got me into a speed course of team management and all the riders I got to work with since (really too many to thanks), the brands that have hired me, Eastward, Greenover, MML, Fuzion and S1 Helmets.

Also, extending my thanks to Shelby Grimnes, and the others photographers for the constant flow of stylish visuals through all those years, as well as the team at Ethic, Lucky, H5G for all the good relationships, Johann Moreau for the simple friendship and memorable dinner at ISPO, and event organizers who all perform such a hard job … (I know, I’ll hate myself for forgetting a bunch of you here).

Most I want to thanks all the retailers I so closely worked with the past years from around the globe, you trusted me and the brands I represented, showed so much patience explaining issues and needs. I’m happy to call many of you friends and have dearly enjoyed those relationships. I really won’t dare starting to name anyone here! You know you, bosses and staff, sincerely thanks.

Dear Scoot Retailers, Scoot Trade is for you, we also need you! We need your inputs, feedbacks and points of view. We need to discuss your issues and help you find solutions.

We need to grow together with brands and talents, and get the sport to its full potential.”

Pierre Camoin, Scoot Trade Founder & Publisher


R.I.P. Fernando Perez Mañanet

Our condolences to the family and friends of Fernando Perez Mañanet.

His passing in early 2022 is a huge loss for the Scoot Industry.

Fernando is remembered for leading the Barcelona World Championships events and building up MGP, District and many brands in Spain.

We for sure miss his constant enthusiasm, dynamism, and super positive attitude about the next event, or the snow dropping on Andorra’s backcountry lines.

* Big up to Extreme Barcelona for naming their Best Trick contest, the "Fernando Battle"

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