Welcome to ScootTrade - Freestyle Scootering's Source for Retailer & Industry News!

Welcome to Scoot Trade - Retailer & Industry News!

Welcome to Scoot Trade - Retailer & Industry News!

Scoot Trade (ST) is a newsletter and blog covering the freestyle scootering business.

ST aims to strengthen the Scoot Community and further scoot-businesses growth.

The goal is to provide access to industry resources - news, event calendars, market/product reviews, etc. - and to encourage cooperative growth.

Scoot retailers, scooter brands, industry staff, Scoot Trade is for you.

ST aims to grow and empower the scoot business community.

Through Scoot Trade e-newsletter and blogs , you have access to:

Industry News: Brands Press Releases/announcements of new products or projects.

Free basic post. Premium postings available for a fee.

Market Reviews: polling retailers and brands on the state of the industry.

Want to share your views? Shoot us an Email editorial@scoottrade.com

Product Reviews: Asking retailers about their best selling products or favorite parts.

Want to participate and share your view? Reach out!

Events Calendars: Free event posting for all regions and categories (park, jam, etc.).

Organizing an event? Add it to ST’s calendar >>> ST EVENT CALENDAR <<<

Business Resources: from templates, online courses to shared experiences, ST constantly provides new materials to support retailers growth.

Let us know what your needs, the issues you are facing, and share your solutions too!

Overview of Our Blogs

Our “Insider Watch" and “The Pulse” sections cover the market and products reviews.

While our “Tool Box” and “Info Desk” sections will cover the industry resources and news.

ST will also showcase scoot industry’s talents and personalities, through our “Scoot Culture” section.

We will also explore “non-scooter brands”, and their potential impact on the community, through our “Outside Influence” section.


Founded by long time industry’s insider, Pierre Camoin, Scoot Trade, needs the inputs of many in the industry to succeed.

Pierre has been talking to many retailers and brands in recent months, in order to put the final touch to this new project, and incorporate their valuable feedbacks. As we move forward, we aim to extend the influence of retailers and brands in our content and the functions we serve.

Thanks to everyone who have shared their views, market information, and have influenced Scoot Trade.

Please, we encourage you to continue sharing your opinions!

Scoot Trade is the opportunity to give your business a voice, to be heard, and to grow a stronger community through communication & collaboration.

** Next Scoot Trade will collab with Ryan Upchurch’s Edge Agency to bring you an insight to his work, and his first collaborative digital product with Scoot Trade; 'The Ultimate Scooter Icon Pack'!

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