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Ultimate Scooter Icon Pack

Ultimate Scooter Icon Pack

Graphics Icons are now essential tools of online navigation; with mere seconds to grab attention and hold it. In the digital age, reducing friction in online transactions, and illustrating our ideas before explaining them has never been more important.

Former Pro Rider turned Brand Designer, Ryan Upchurch, shares his thoughts below:

“When offering as many product categories as we do within scootering, it’s essential to be able to quickly and easily direct users to the correct products they are looking for. After all; there’s many options to choose from.”

One way to reduce friction and improve navigation is using iconography, unique to your brand, shop, or business and what it has to offer. Icons not only allow users to quickly identify a product category if they are educated in scooter products, it allows new and uneducated users to identify a visual with the category name when shown together.”

“In either case mentioned above, illustrative icons are both useful, and aesthetically add to the shopping experience in ways that actually can affect your bottom line. The less friction in the sales process, and easier it is for users to locate the items they are looking for, the more sales that convert."

“Good icons are the simplest visual form of a physical item or metaphysical concept. Viewers should be able to intuitively understand what the items are, when expressed properly.”

Ryan Upchurch has been making his mark in the industry with nifty designs for years, with collaborations including but not limited to: The Vault, Root Industries, Native (signature graphic), Lucky Scooters, Grit, Fuzion, Striker, Crisp, Phoenix, and more; including Scoot Trade (you hadn’t noticed?).
Check out Ryan’s Profile on our News “Scoot Culture” section - click here!

Through Scoot Trade and Edge Brand Agency, Mr. Upchurch has crafted and is offering the “Ultimate Scooter Icon Pack” for retailers to build a frictionless website navigation, and quickly add visuals to promotional images.

All icons are provided as PNG and Ai file types, for countless uses, easy color editing, and easy drag & drop usage of any particular icon. To hire a designer to prepare a similar package for your business, it could cost hundreds or thousands, and a number of hours communicating to get everything ‘done right’, and ‘prepared for quick & easy usage’.

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The Ultimate Scooter Icon pack includes all scooter product categories needed for an online scoot shop, each with several options so shops can customize their unique set of icons.

Here are 10 top reasons to use Edge Agency’s “Icons Packages” for your web shop & social media content:

  • Ease navigation & reduce friction & confusion about products categories
  • Quickly add visuals to promotional and sales images
  • Add style and pop to your website and promotions; you only have seconds to make an impression
  • Direct consumers quickly and easily to products; even if they don’t know the product’s name
  • Drive traffic and attention to products; where your revenues are
  • Icons transcend the language barrier; connect on new levels
  • Quickly create “scooter-themed” imagery, or focus on a specific product category
  • Save hundreds or thousands on design costs to prepare similar design packages in-house
  • Easy drag & drop usage of all assets as PNG and Ai (illustrator) file types
  • Fully Editable; easily recolor and customize icons from source files to your preference

Have ideas for future products you’d like to see, or would help save you time in daily operations? Let us know by commenting below; we are always looking for new ways to deliver value to the scooter community!

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