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The Future of Dirt!

The Future of Dirt!

Dirt scoots have been around since Razor’s time without ever really taking off.

A new generation of Dirt Scoot, boosted by better tires, aims to become a new staple of scoot riding. The Triad’s Shape Shifter, and Envy’s new ATS are leading this dirty business.

It is, as MGP’s Head Mike Horn puts it, a “Renaissance item” and "for dirt scoot to be successful this time around, much has to improve from the “old days."

Starting first by giving Dirt scoot more visibility and showcasing what can be done.

When it comes to dirt riding, improvements in tire pressure are key to maintain speed and link jumps.

Charles Padel who has been riding dirt for over 10 years remembers constantly busting over-inflated tires on previous generations.

While the 2014 Razor Phase Tow boosted 80psi, the new Triad model goes to 100psi, a 25% increase.

It’s not all about dirt, those all terrain scoots offer a comfortable ride all around, bowl, park, and sidewalks. Envy’s ATS Pro S2  is marketed as a commuter scooter “ without the hassle of electric parts.” Indeed, my wife rides the Invert Taunt’s taking the kids to school.

In part thanks to those improvements, Dirt scoots are getting more and more visibility.

Check-out Ohlay’s “Dirt Paradise” from Italian rider Stefano Viotti - https://youtu.be/0En-PjJ3DZc - a high-voltage dirt only video.

Dirt scoot sessions have been featured on the classic scoot Youtube channels like Undialed and Raymond Warner. Guys like Rich Zelinka are taking dirt scoot to the masses at some of those Euro Action Sports Shows. The now regular Sunday session at the Murrietta dirt track get regular Insta features too.

So visibility is growing, particularly since riders are so enthusiast about the smoothness of the ride, Charles Padel describes, the “Incredible Feeling” of riding a well packed dirt course like at La Poma (Spain).

“Well packed” is a key word here. With no pedals, dirt scoots do need a well groomed surface to keep speed. While the limited “braking” makes full speed downhill an out of control affair.

The older riders like the extra cushioning brought by the all-terrain tires.

Mountain Biking brought lot of new business and a new life to the bike industry.

We can’t expect Dirt Scoot to have such a massive mainstream impact as MTB.

Small wheels, low base, no shocks… no disk brakes!!!  Dirt scoot’s future might not be as extreme as MTB - Dirt scooters will probably never backflip Rampage’s 75 ft Canyon gap - but for retailers close from a fine dirt track or fun bike park, Dirt scoot can bring a new source of revenues, and bring some older guys or BMXers back to the sport.

The new generation of dirt scoot is here to stay, it might stay a niche, but it helps solidify scootering by bringingin  more diversity, and visibility to the sport. Like vert riding, it makes scootering more complete, and appealing to a more diverse crowd.

So, it’s time to “pick -up a shovel” as John Radtke concluded in his Phase Two Dirt Scoot breakdown Video 9 years ago, Dirt is here to stay!

We do need an international event to showcase those dirty talents!

* This is not a sponsored posts, Brands had no influence on this content.

** We will bring you next some scoot business history…

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