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Scoot Bizz History - Chapter 1

Scoot Bizz History - Chapter 1

* Scoot Trade enlisted "Scoot Historian" Sinan Al Faour to bring us back to the birth of the scoot industry and its first steps.

By Sinan Al Faour (see Profile in Scoot Culture Section):

Translated by ChatGPT 3.5

Scooters made their appearance in skateparks a little over 20 years ago, yet its invention dates back more than a century. Your grandparents have probably played with scooters, made of wood in the 1930s and then of steel in the 1950s. But with the emergence of skateboarding from the 1960s, the scooter fell into obscurity until the end of the 20th century. It was in the late 1990s that the modern aluminum scooter appeared on the market. The goal of this series of articles is to expose what happened during the 1990s, relying on archives that have never been exploited before.

Chapter 1: The Forgotten Scooter (Ciro)

It all began in 1993 in Berlin when Sieghart Straka invented the first aluminum scooter model. He attached skateboard wheels to an aluminum board and added a folding steering tube. Unlike scooters of the time, this one was lightweight and portable, with three wheels.

Scooter in the 90's, business guy's transportation!

Sieghart Straka used this device to commute from his home to the train station, allowing him to sleep a little later. In the street, he was noticed by an investor who offered to finance the production of a few prototypes. Unfortunately, all contacted distributors refused to produce the scooter, and the investor withdrew. A few months later, the company employing Sieghart Straka underwent restructuring. He kept his job, but several of his colleagues who had been laid off saw his scooter as a potential career opportunity. They decided to help him improve it. The result of their efforts, the three-wheeled Ciro, was presented at the Nuremberg Inventors’ Fair in 1995, where it won a silver medal. Some may remember these three-wheeled scooters designed for urban transportation, but most will forget them because another model would overshadow them. Its name: MS-130B.


* This series of articles is written by Sinan Al Faour with only limited editing from Scoot Trade. No advertisers had any influence on this content.

** Photo credit: unknown... businessman on a 3-wheelers, the start of scootering!

*** We have contacted team at www.ciroshop.de for comments and archives content, but haven't heard back from them yet...

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