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Profile: Sinan Al Faour – Scoot Historian

Profile: Sinan Al Faour – Scoot Historian

Scoot Trade was laughed to cover the scoot industry and provide resources for retailers and brands. It was clear from the start that we needed to write about our industry’s beginnings and history.

Scoot Trade connected with French rider and scoot historian Sinan Al Faour to write a series of article on the “Scoot Business History”.

Sinan has made so much research on our sport and industry, it was clear from the first convo that he had a massive amount of info and content to share.

Scoot Trade will first publish a series of 4 of Sinan’s articles covering the 90s and the birth of the first big brands. A second series will cover how freestyle scootering emerged from this mass-market original boom.

Here are a few words about himself and his motivations from our Scoot Historian:

“My name is Sinan Al Faour, I'm 28 years old, and I'm originally from Paris. Thanks to the significant community in our sport and my passion for this practice, I have remained connected to scootering for the past 15 years.

For over a year, I have been deepening my knowledge of the foundations of freestyle scootering worldwide and have discovered fascinating stories in each country. This could appeal to riders and the general public.

I have started building a database containing information about riders, brands, events, videos, federations, and more. The purpose of this research is to document the evolution of the discipline from its beginnings in order to highlight the individuals who have contributed to its development. My research has led me to the key players in this field who share the desire to make history. This would allow us to share our culture with future generations and people outside the sport.

Through a series of articles on the foundations of freestyle scootering, we will discover together the secrets of its birth.”

Sinan Al Faour

Sinan Al Faour - photo by Mathieu De Michel

* You have a piece of Scoot History to share? Contact us, we do want to hear from you!

** Give Sinan a folow on insta @Sinanalfaour

*** Photos thanks Mathieu de Michel @mathieudemichel


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