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Product News: uA Signature CP Arrow Bar

Product News: uA Signature CP Arrow Bar

urbanArtt introduces Charles Padel Signature Arrow Bar
CP Bars

« I've always dreamed of having a tall, sturdy, lightweight handlebar that can do everything I ask! Being a big fan of T-bars, I wanted to make an original double butted bar with the same position, without any backsweep. We couldn't have done better with urbanArtt than this original design, which looks like a real arrow, fast and straight to the point! How can you ride another bar after this one haha! Can’t wait for the riders " comment Charles @Charluuux.

UA enlisted @Gorayprod @irismotionmovie & @jeremysuchet to bring striking visuals to the launch - check out the "très" French-flair clip on Charles' Insta.

uA CP bars

Specs :

30”H x 25” W

760mmH x 635mmW



Heat treated

4130 Cro-mo

Butted top tube & down tube (light and strong)

Deep laser “RIDEUA” detailing

Forged cross bar brace

No back sweep 🡪 "le flow d’une Y barre avec la technique d’une T bar"


* This is a promotional post for uA

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