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Pop News: Scooter Lego set!

Pop News: Scooter Lego set!

Lego new “Street Skatepark” set includes a scoot rider!

The world’s most popular bricks introduced this scoot lady among a skater, BMXer, and goatee roller guy. B-boying and graffiti are also featured with accessories! There is a pro-shop as well, so here we go, we have a Lego scoot shop!

Lego’s last monthly magazine even dedicated a full page to this new set, the same as for the Super Mario, or Minecraft sets (US edition).

... That’s it! Scootering is an outright part of Action Sports and urban culture! That's proof! It's also shows youth's continuous interest in Action Sports, and a growing market.

Scoot retailers could add this set to their online offer through the Lego Affiliate Program, as this set belongs in all riding households!


* This is not a sponsored post… But yes, we are Lego fans! We will have to buy that set!!

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