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Event News: Oct 11 is Flat Land Day

Event News: Oct 11 is Flat Land Day

October 11 is scoot’s Flatland pioneer, Jon Reyes, birthday.

It’s perfectly fitting that Jon set his special day for the “International Flatland Day”, an annual event for the whole industry to embrace!

Jon invites everyone to Celebrate “Flatland Day” with him every year on October 11th! “Go out to the park with friends, hit a sesh in front of your house, or even if you have an empty spot in the corner of your home. Flatland can be appreciated anywhere, that’s the beauty of it.
Using the hashtags #flatland & #flatlandscooter feel free to join the community that’s been pushing harder than ever” Jon recommends!

Mark Oct. 11 in your calendar for the years to come!

If it’s too late for 23, make plan to celebrate in 2024!

Who is in?

Many of Jon’s 323K insta followers are sure to celebrate today, like Frenchie Arnaud “Warneup”, part of the “Flatland Experience” duo, “I’m gonna go outside for a ride and film a clip in honor of it”. The duo brings Flatland to schools in Europe and introduce kids to the practice.

Flatland is accessible to all, with no need for parks, no security guards chasing you out, and… is not so “injury-threatening”, it is a great medium to introduce new riders into the sport, and just perfect for school demos!

It also keeps those older riders involved, “ a flat trick a day, keeps the doctor away” as they say…

An International Day has the benefits to bring the limelight to the activity and inspire many to ride and be creative, generating one more reason to go ride today. Win-win for all but the PlayStation!

As an industry we have to support this type of initiatives for their potential to lead to new growth.

Xavier "Reiiwaaxx"Gaudron,  photo by Warneup.

* Thanks Arnaud "Warneup." Marchenoire for the inputs and assets for this article.

1st Image: Flatland Day insta flyer, year #1, by Jon Reyes.

1st pic: Xavier "Reiiwaaxx"Gaudron, teaching after a school demo, photo by Flatland Experience.

2nd pic: Xavier "Reiiwaaxx"Gaudron,  photo by Warneup.


** We will explore more in depth the impact Flatland could have on the industry and what we could do to bring scootering to more schools!


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